Custom SaaS Solutions to Harness the Power of Big Data

Optimize Your Data Analysis with LINDA and Big Data

At IFD Technologies, we leverage Big Data to its fullest potential by designing custom SaaS solutions for your company.


User-friendly actionable insights

From data architecture and processing to the delivery of user-friendly actionable insights.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions that enable your organization to access several sources of information at the same time and in a self-service way.

Access any point of your data lake in a fraction of a second

Through the setup of state-of-the art, non-relational database architecture, access any information, as general or specific, from your set of big data or your data lake in a fraction of a millisecond.


We understand the frustration that comes with working with data sets from different information sources that don’t communicate with each other, as well as slow databases that take minutes to provide a simple response. Additionally, traditional dashboards are often static and repetitive.

But that has changed with LINDA and Big Data!

Now, a query that used to take 5 to 10 minutes, involving over a billion database records, is resolved in just a fraction of a second. Anyone in your organization can activate it through a secure, state-of-the-art web front-end.


How, and for whom will LINDA’s big data work?

The benefits of our big data services are evident every day as we help companies make the most of their data and identify actionable business insights.

Who exactly benefits and how?

The following:

For your

Don’t waste time setting up endless rigid dashboards offered by traditional BI solutions. Focus on valuable information that leads to measurable business growth. Harness business strategies based on advanced programmatic analysis.


big data for business

For your

Significantly enhance the scope, dynamism, speed, and efficiency of your daily data analysis without configuring new views and dashboards.


For your

Significantly enhance the scope, dynamism, speed, and efficiency of your daily data analysis without configuring new views and dashboards.


big data linda for your analysts movil

For your data

Gain access to vast amounts of data in less than a second with our modern relational and non-relational architecture setup. Break free from the limitations of outdated relational table models and access data from any perspective, with any set of filters or variable arrangement.


You do not have to limit your analysis using old-fashioned models of relational tables that allow you to access data from a limited and narrow perspective. 

Because data changes all the time, you need unlimited access to it, from any perspective, for any set of filters or variable arrangement. 

You Need LINDA, a New Breed of BI Tools

Our solutions are licensed for unlimited use by all members of your organization. We offer the best BI and Big Data software solution you need because it adapts to your business.



Who Are We at IFD Technologies?

We are a group of decision-makers with experience in large corporations. Frustrated with what traditional BI tools had to offer, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

After 5 years of breaking paradigms in database architecture, programmatic analysis algorithms, and pragmatic machine learning implementation, we have developed user-friendly, and extremely powerful data analysis tools.

With them, we help our clients identify valuable and easily actionable business strategies.

Invest Better, the Key of Our Big Data

Approximately 50% of your marketing investment is wasted. That’s why the great challenge is to know what that remaining 50% is. We help you identify it through the deployment of machine learning algorithms and predictive models.

Generate and access the type of information that can only be obtained through massive programmatic processing offered by machine learning algorithms.


Become a company that truly makes data-driven decisions and discover the power that your information already possesses today.

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